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Since 2002, AL Haqibah Tech Cont has been involved in a significant number of commercial projects within the UAE covering a wide range of buildings including commercial office towers, residential buildings, hospitals, data centers, airports, hotels, resorts, maximum-security prisons, and more.

Electrical Services

 Supply and installation of Transformers, H.T. Switchgears, Cable and Termination ,etc. Lighting and Small Power Systems that include Conduiting & Wiring, Cabling and Termination, Main Distribution Boards, Sub Main Distribution Boards, Power Factor Correction Capacitor Banks including Generator and ATS Panel.

 Low Current Systems that include Conduiting and Wiring for CCTV, Access Control, Gate Barrier, Structured Cabling, Lighting Control, Intercom, SMATV / MATV, PABGM, etc.

 Bus-bar Riser Systems, Cable Tray with ladder and trunking.

 Supply and installation of Fire Alarm & Central Emergency Systems and UPS.

 Lightning Protection and Earthing Systems.


Plumbing Services

Underground / Aboveground Drainage Systems that include pipes, fittings, floor drains , cleanouts, rain water outlets, catchment basins and channel gratings, sewage and storm water lifting station, etc.

Domestic Cold and Hot Water Systems that include water transfer and booster pumps, water tanks, water heaters (central and domestic), cool water systems, water filtration and water treatment systems, etc.

Sprinklers, fire hose reels, landing valves, pump sets, piping with valves &s; accessories, FM200 / Inergen, Deluge systems, etc.

Water closets, wash hand basins, bidets, bath tubs, shower trays, Jacuzzi, whirlpools etc.

Compressed air, vacuum, LPG systems, etc.


HVAC Services

The services include Heat Load Calculation, selection of equipment and Energy Conservation in terms of savings in power, building automation (BMS), etc.

AC system consists of DX Type, Chilled Water system viz: Reciprocation Screw Chillers & amp; Centrifugal Chillers in the range of 100-3500 TR central plants in the Gulf Region, Chilled Water Pipes, fittings, valves and related accessories, etc.

Fabrication of ducts in accordance with SMACNA / DW 142 standard and to install as per ASHRAE standard.

Specialized systems viz: Smoke Management Systems , Staircase Pressurization system, 24x7 Monitoring system, etc.The installation team has been trained to take care of specific noise / vibration control measures prior to erection of any equipment viz: Chillers, Pumps, Air Handing Units, Fan Coil Units, Extract Fans, etc.

Air balancing / water balancing prior to final testing and commissioning activities in accordance with CIBSE.



AL Haqibah Tech Cont  is focused on providing and operating under the guidelines of Health, Safety and Environment. The management at Smooth International is committed to a policy of protecting the health and safety of its employees, clients and others by adhering to and complying with the required HSE specifications and standards. Smooth International will continue to take a proactive approach towards creating safe working environments and will be accountable for promoting continued safety education and training for all its employees by reviewing potential areas of improvement and ensuring thorough evaluations of all incidents.

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